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How Are We Different?

UsTrackRecruits.com is the only recruiting service designed by a successful college track coach specifically for coaches!  Our service is intended for busy track and cross country coaches who need to make the most of their valuable time!

No Thanks. I'll Find my Own Recruits
Some coaches may say 'no thanks, I'll find my own athletes to recruit.' Our response - by all means, we encourage you to build your own recruiting list, yet we can say with confidence that we already have 99--10% of the names that will end up on your list after countless hours of research.  Why not start with the 'master' list and narrow-down the data meet the needs of your program.

Why Do I Want the Same Recruits as Everyone Else

Additionally, others might say, why buy the same list as everyone else?  Our answer is simply 'human nature'. Despite the benefit of our service, the vast majority of college coaches will not join UsTrackRecruits.com and will continue with business as usual. Only coaches open to change and eager to jump start their recruiting year will utilize our service. Optimistically, might we say only 5% or less will join. That amounts to an average of only one or two schools per conference!  Why not be the the most efficient recruiting school in your conference! 

We've done the research and data collection for you!

Whether you recruit a few athletes locally, or cast a large national net looking for only the best, this service is for you.

UsTrackRecruits.com "Moving The Sport Forward"

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